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MORRO BAY - Amy Chaffino shot her best round of the season on Sunday, finishing with a 93 and Michaela Klundt finished eighth overall in the 16-team tournament at the Morro Bay Golf Course.

"The two-day tournament was a long one, but it was fun. I shot my best round on Sunday and now the goal is to shoot in the 80's," Chaffino said. "On Monday, everyone struggled quite a bit more. The wind and the mosquitoes were distracting. The greens were incredibly fast and very hard to read. They became an obvious frustration across the board and it showed in how we all scored. But I'm looking forward to breaking a new personal record in this coming Monday's home tournament."

Chaffino finished with a 93 and 105, while teammate RyAnne Gaston was consistent shooting a 99 and 98. Klundt shot well on Sunday with a 78 but struggled on the second day with an 88, still finishing tied for eighth overall.

"With both players (Chaffino and Gaston) improving each week, we can only get better," AVC head coach George Fetters said. "The course was really tough and got tougher with pin placement on the second day. Overall the tournament was a good experience."

The Marauders finished 14th overall out of 16 teams.